Parking management software that runs entire parking facilities without relying on humans or hardware

What is the parking experience?

At Park Evergreen we’re making parking a fantastic user experience. Here is what our users can do:

  • Find and reserve parking ahead of time
  • Navigate the most efficient route to a facility entrance/s
  • Never worry about fees or towing

Based on
Geolocation technology

Now your customers can find and reserve parking at your facilities before heading out. They will have peace of mind knowing their space is waiting for them.

While they’re in transit we use real-time travel data to route them to the best entrance. This means the drive is pleasant and their space is easy to find.

We start their sessions automatically when they arrive and end them when they leave. This means they hardly ever have to interact with their smartphone.

For the owner/operators

Why should your customers be the only ones to benefit from a fantastic parking experience? Luckily we thought about you, the owner/operator, just as much as the customer and put together something you will like.

We are 100% software based

  • This means zero integration costs
  • Dramatic decrease in operating costs
  • No sensors, beacons, or other hardware to purchase, install, and maintain
  • Limitless upgrades, customization
  • Rapid and free deployment
  • Low monthly fee that is recouped 10x through savings and revenue increase

Geolocation technology means you have highly intelligent traffic control

If you have lane closures or construction projects, use our dashboard to re-route parking traffic to other entrances.

We’ll tell you how many drivers are headed to your facility and give you real-time arrival data.

Our mobile app puts you and your customers on a first name basis

  • User data can be used for custom loyalty programs
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Special offers
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